Easy Software Document Management
Do you need to control access and document traceability of documents? Do various documents need to be approved in a short time? Do you wish to optimise your relationship with end customers?

DMS Easy – Modular Management Solution

  • Reliable, robust application, independent from the platform and operating system.
  • Integrated with legal suppliers of electronic signature.
  • Enables management of a document’s life cycle with its characteristics, collaboration and automated workflows, easily modified in Microsoft Visio.
  • Automatically generates standard documents according to rules.
  • Has full quick search, version management, approval flow, security and reporting features.
  • Data can be accessed by all authorised users, in real time, from any location.
  • Reduces the amount of stored data. Enables dynamic, structured document viewing.


  • Modular enterprise solution with secure multi-organisation access. The composing modules can be implemented individually, depending on what the customer needs.
  • DMS Easy is scalable for medium-sized and large companies, and it provides the same features, according to the licensed bundles.



  • DMS Easy is integrated with the Office pack and it supports various formats of PDF files, CAD models and drawings, images, paper document scans, emails and attachments.
  • Enables definition of active connections with external databases, with CRM, ERP systems, LDAP systems, or imports and binds existing network files.

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Business Solutions 


Do you have a large number of trainees in multiple locations and on different schedules? Do you need to transparently evaluate trainees and manage training programs, training groups, activity of trainers, online events in a training schedule, and the e-learning curriculum?

Integrated Training Solution with the LCMS Subsystem

  • Enables standardisation and quick dissemination of information within an organisation, and training of a large number of trainees.
  • Enables building and management of digital training content and other categories of resources.
  • Ensures increased impartiality in assessing the amount and quality of the knowledge acquired.
  • Facilitates individual learning and enables reviewing previous training material.
  • Provides support for distance training. Trainees can access relevant training materials whenever they wish, with their progress monitored by the teacher to check that the students’ indicators are accomplished properly.
  • Easily implemented and accessed through a web browser.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • Enables monitoring of attendees’ access.



  • Real-time evaluation. Automatic archiving of information on trainees, training events and results.
  • Possibility to monitor and control the training process through reports.
  • The platform includes user forums for interaction with mentors/colleagues, debates or exchange of experience.
  • The trainer can plan the evaluation. Controlled access based on a matrix or rights and roles.
  • Multiple resources can be added: e-books, URLs, image galleries, any type of files. Integration with the Moodle editor, similar to standard text editors.


Portfolio Categories:

Business Solutions