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Leader in designing, outsourcing and integrating convergent IT solutions; idea aggregator. POWERNET services guarantee a safe IT environment and an operating structure that meets the most demanding standards.



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To deliver exceptional services to customers by continuously investing in innovation and technology.









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Powernet supports:

Diffent Angle:

  • Power Net Consulting is a founding member;
  • The group started with 11 partner companies, with over 15 years experience on the ITC market; the companies brought together their know-how, skills and expert knowledge with a view to delivering exceptional products and projects.
  • Services offered: i) determine and implement IT strategies; ii) develop consulting and software solutions in the field of Smart Cities; iii) training of skills, both technical and interpersonal.

Magurele High Tech Cluster

  • Power Net Consulting has become a partner in year 2014;
  • The goals of the group include the following:
    • enable access to the results of the practical studies of the Măgurele City Physics Platform and of the other members of the Association;
    • use potential opportunities of ongoing research and development projects, including practical research, as well as the opportunity created within the ELI-NP project;
    • acquire European Funds, international, national and local funds, and encourage contributions from the members of the association on projects of shared interest;
    • simplify technological transfer and enable a method for the sustainable development of the business environment.

Association, Innovative IT Cluster – Cluster 3IT (3ITC)

  • logo3it3Power Net Consulting is a founding member of UBP, alongside other IT companies;
  • The goal of the group is to develop the capacity and technology used in research, and boost economic innovation and competitiveness in Smart City companies;
  • Some of our goals are:
    • to create an infrastructure of smart sensors and items in the Polytechnics University campus;
    • to create an environment that is closer to the market for testing products and services, by piloting the items that belong to the smart infrastructure developed in the Smart Campus community;
    • to create a new infrastructure for the implementation and co-ordination of future research projects (in areas such as autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and premises); energy conservation; safety and private space, etc.