IT Implementation and Outsourcing Services

IT Implementation Services

Guaranteed efficient, economic IT system. Speeds up visibility of the business on the market

Implementation at Headquarters

Microsoft Solutions Active Directory/Microsoft Exchange


  • Access and security policies defined depending on users or groups of users
  • File sharing is done easily and safely.
  • Global real-time activation or shutdown of options and features without the need for intervention at every user or piece of equipment.
  • Easy to control user installation of applications.
  • Customization of security and access scenarios.

Installation (hardware and software)

Most frequent situations covered:

  • Installation and configuration of new workstations
  • Sizing and designing of network architecture
  • Relocating user infrastructure within the same headquarters
  • Assistance with relocating IT&C infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration of new external devices
  • Identification and sizing of network services
  • Diagnosing of LAN/Internet communication needs
  • Organising IT&C relocation project management

IT Outsourcing


24/7 IT Support

Qualified staff always available to solve problems, at your headquarters or online. Guaranteed timely intervention through an SLA agreed under contract.


Increased Performance

Continuous availability of your IT infrastructure. We monitor and intervene proactively to protect data and avoid incidents


Optimised Costs

Properly sized infrastructure, optimally assigned resources. Outsourcing contract with a fixed monthly price, eliminating additional costs.


Strategic investigation for business development and cost optimisation.

Windows/Linux server management

The core business of our days is enabled by IT applications/platforms/instruments. Their optimal operation requires specialised IT assistance.


  • Server installation and configuration;
  • Integration of servers within existing infrastructures and in role distribution;
  • Implementation/configuration and management of list-based access server files
  • Implementation/configuration and management of DNS / DHCP / FTP / VPN service
  • Implementation/configuration and management of database services (MySql/PostgreSQL)
  • Implementation/configuration and management of Firewall service
  • Implementation/configuration and management of specific application servers
  • Server operation optimisation
  • Monitoring and carrying out of a periodical maintenance plan
  • Server function management