CA Technologies Incident Management
Do you manage a large number of repetitive events? Is predictive warning necessary for possible SLA violations? Do you aim to optimise support activities and lower the pertaining costs? Do users ask for more mobility and data sharing on collaborative platforms?

Integrated CA Service Management Solution

  • Based on reliable, robust CA Technologies products, highly scalable, with social media and mobility features (access from desktop, tablets and mobile devices).
  • Multi-organisation collaborative platform. Self-service for technical staff and end users.
  • Ensures efficient request and incident management, with integration of a robust CMDB, authorisation flows, and signalling of corrective policies. Enables maximal control and process automation.
  • Proactively and automatically identifies degradation. Shortens the intervention time, with viewing of the impact.
  • Generates relevant diagnostics and reports for the business.
  • Has analysis capabilities for key users, decision makers and non-technical staff.
  • Has native support for multi-tenant use with information sharing within a safe environment.
  • Integrated good practice pack and out-of-the-box ITIL compliance (request, incident, problem, change, knowledge, asset and configuration management). Low overall ownership costs.


The solution

  • Multi-level, enterprise solution
  • Can be implemented with all components or only with a Service Desk Manager component and the ones needed for the features requested

Main components:

  • Service Desk Manager
  • Unified Self-Service
  • CMDB
  • Portfolio of Services
  • Body of Knowledge
  • Process Automation
  • Service Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • LDAP for integration with various folders