CA Technologies Infrastructure Monitoring
Size your IT infrastructure correctly and increase performance. Automate the monitoring, analysis and diagnosis process for traffic that impacts on applications. Optimise time and resources assigned for management.

Integrated Solution

  • Based on the reliable, robust, highly scalable CA Technologies products.
  • Automatically monitors and shapes the infrastructure following a predictive performance assessment that enables continuous, correct adaptation to internal changes.
  • Proactively identifies degradations, infrastructure flaws and possible SLA violations. Issues predictive warnings to the targeted persons, thus substantially lowering non-operational time and average intervention time. Performs root cause analysis. Allows for management of warnings.
  • Consolidates the aspects of the IT infrastructure in one central console. Integrates data delivered by multiple monitoring systems. Enables quick, easy access to data.
  • Homogenises management procedures for hybrid media (physical, virtual, public or private cloud).
  • Supplies native support for multi-tenant use with information sharing within a safe environment.
  • Has a low overall ownership cost.


  • Multi-level enterprise solution with secure multi-organisation access.
  • Scalable for medium-size and large infrastructures. Enables the same features acording to the bundles licensed.
  • Is built on CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM), CA Spectrum and CA Network Flow Analysis (CA NFA) products. The components can be implemented individually, as needed.

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Management and Monitoring Solutions