Dell Infrastructure
Simplify IT operations and reduce downtime with a convergent, pretested scalable solution that brings you the server- and the storage, network and administration aspects, all in one single compact case that enables economic, simple, flexible management.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX – Advanced Consolidation

  • Scalable performance at no compromise: better response times; concomitant running of several applications that require high performance or low latency; optimal processing power even at peak times; scalable for the future development of the business.
  • Added value: with an advanced preconfigured business solution that can be improved with software and services relevant for customers and distribution partners in vertical industries.
  • Flexible shared storage: all four server nodes have access to internally shared low latency storage devices – an essential aspect for clusters and virtualisation.
  • Local storage that is economic and easier to manage than SAN environments, inside one compact low-noise tower or rack frame. Requires up to 86% less cables.
  • System management solution harmonised with Chassis Management Controller (CMC) and GeoView. Eliminates inconvenience from different external devices and multiple administration tools.



  • PowerEdge VRTX brings you performance and extended capacity, and it meets both the needs that are specific to servers – processing and virtualisation – and the storage and network infrastructure needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, remote offices and branches of large enterprises.
  • Quick to implement to consolidate and manage enterprise applications within two, three or four virtualised servers, with shared storage and integrated network.
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