DLP & Mobil Device management – Endpointprotector
Endpointprotector Manage:

  • Data Leakage / Data Loss / Data Theft
  • Uncontrolled use of devices
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Regulatory Non-Compliance
  • Low Productivity

With Endpoint Protector being offered as hardware or virtual appliance, it can be setup in minutes. Moreover, the responsive management interface allows managing policies and checking reports from any device, from desktop to tablet.
Endpoint Protector dramatically reduces the risks posed by internal threats that could lead to data being leaked, stolen, or otherwise compromised. In addition to these, compliance with various rules and regulations is also met.

The blacklist and whitelist-based approach grants exibility in policy building. Organizations have the option to prohibit the use of speci c removable devices and data transfers to le cloud sharing applications and other online services, to scan for certain PIIs, but to allow transfers to speci c URLs and domain names for certain computers/users/groups, avoiding task interruption.

Suitable for any type of network, our products can be used by enterprise customers, small and medium business and even home users. With a client-server architecture, they are easy to deploy and centrally manage from the web-based interface. Besides the Hardware and Virtual Appliance, Amazon Web Services Instance and Cloud version, a Stand-alone version is also available for those looking for basic features.

Endpoint Protector

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