Email Security – Forcepoint

Forcepoint Email Security:

  • STOP APT AND OTHER ADVANCED TARGETED THREATS Forcepoint’s Advanced Classi cation Engine (ACE) is at the heart of all Forcepoint solutions
  • SECURE SENSITIVE DATA AGAINST EXTERNAL ATTACKS AND INSIDER THREATS To prepare for a malicious insider threat or the potentially successful cyberattack, it’s vital that outbound communications be monitored.
  • SAFELY ADOPT CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIKE OFFICE 365 AND BOX ENTERPRISE WHILE SUPPORTING A MOBILE WORKFORCE IT departments are strained to maintain current systems while supporting an increasingly mobile workforce and the demands to adopt new technologies like Office 365.
  • IDENTIFY ”HIGH-RISK” USER BEHAVIOR AND EDUCATE USERS TO IMPROVE AWARENESS The rich data collections in Forcepoint Email Security are used by a number of policies to report and identify systems that may require special IT attention.

Forcepoint Email Security

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