Fortinet Email Security
Too much spam? Do you receive a significant amount of unsollicited email? Are recipients receiving email with delays? Is the email server frequently blocked on spam lists? Do you experience difficulties with employees’ activity and with the operation of the mail server?

FortiMail – The Antispam, Antivirus, Antimalware Solution

  • Adaptable for all business segments, from small to enterprise.
  • Quick installation and configuration (appliance solution). No special requirements for network installation.
  • Flexible operation with intuitive web-based interface, accessible from mobile devices.
  • Enterprise antispam and antivirus features.
  • Efficient storage system on RAID technology.
  • Automatic updates of antivirus signatures and of the detection engine, for non stop protection against spam, viruses, worms and trojans.
  • Email agent (MTA). Support for most email clients via traditional protocols.
  • Extended set of reporting tools.
  • Backup support for remote storage of archived emails and optimal long-term operation. Enables migration of messages of certain age on external, cheaper storage devices.




Network, in 3 possible ways:

  • Email server (manages the entire email flow of the company)
  • Gateway (receives email, then forwards it to the server)
  • Transparent (implemented in front of an existing email server, only scans the traffic with no redirecting).

With other solutions:

  • With Active Directory solutions for users and groups of users
  • With VMware virtualisation solutions for virtual FortiMail appliances.
  • With equipment of the FortiGate or FortiGuard family to offer a multi-layer antivirus, antispam solution for enterprises with several FortiMail devices in place.
  • With mail clients from mobile devices, for cases where mobility is a fundamental requirement.


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