Fortinet Network Security

Do you store important information in digital form? Do you need real-time scanning of messages and attachments received via email? Do you wish to secure your access channels from outside the organisation and the networks spread geographically from one single management console?

FortiGate – The Complete Firewall Solution

  • Ensures protection in all areas without impacting on the performance of critical applications or the reliability of the network.
  • Security solution with multiple features, flexible for all business segments.
  • Scalable with the diversity of the system: server mail; application servers; database servers; web portals.
  • Allows for secure VPN communication between geographically spread headquarters.
  • FortiGuard® services provide continuous, automatic updating of antivirus/antimalware, IPS, web filtering and antispam features, and protect applications from the new types of attacks.
  • FortiGate® equipment filters all data traffic at protocol and application level.
  • No special requirements at installation. Intuitive graphic configuration interfaces. Reduced time and effort with installing the equipment in remote locations
  • Simplified licensing per device, not per user. Easy and cheap to manage.




  • With no major impact on the IT topology existing in the organisation

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