Hardware & Software Architecture


  • Analysis/Consulting
    • evaluation of the current and future condition of the systems based on the customers’ needs/expectations
    • speciality consulting on transferring from current to future condition.
  • Design
    • design specifications of the system requested by the customer (architecture; functionality; project deployment planning, etc.)
  • Audit
    • impartial measuring of the compliance of an IT system against certain standards, rules, methodologies, normative documents or target goals
    • 3-stage audit process: gathering information; actual evaluation; reporting


  • Installation
    • basic energization of the system requested by the client.
    • Installation of hardware products is generally preceded by site preparation, which is usually the client’s responsibility.
  • Analysis/Consulting
  • Design
  • Configuration/adaptation
  • Audit
  • Technical assistance
    • the customer is assisted in carrying out specific operations on their own IT system.
  • Software development
    • creating/modifying software solutions according to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Specific training
    • training for the customers’ staff with a view to training IT skills in the requested areas of interest.


  • Technical assistance
    • proficient speciality support in repairing, developing, assembling or installing, testing, maintaining or any other kind of technical service in the form of training, improvement training, transfer of speciality technical information, skills, consulting services. Technical assistance includes verbal assistance (delivered by phone).
  • Maintenance
    • maintenance service; performed proactively, rather than determined by an event, upon the supplier’s initiative, according to a previously agreed schedule.
  • Dysfunction repair
    • corrective support services upon the customer’s initiative, on occurrence of unforeseen events. On a case-by-case basis, we can guarantee to solve these events according to predetermined rules (SLA – Service Level Agreement).

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