ObserveIT Security

Do you look to achieve more independence from your suppliers? Do you wish to ensure security of the organisation in full confidentiality, identification of human error and of users that can pose the greatest risks?

ObserveIT – User Monitoring Solution

  • Monitors suppliers remotely, checks completion of their obligations and establishes their risk level.
  • Monitors, records and audits user actions. Generates a prioritised list of users that pose the highest risk to the organisation. Enables keyword searching through records.
  • Enables instant access to video records and real-time viewing of activity flows.
  • Real-time signalling of negative action and human error. Customized warnings integrated with the SIEM/NMS systems. Identifies the reason why the error occurred and collects irrefutable evidence.
  • Checks conformity for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 270001.
  • Native support for multi-tenant use with information sharing within a safe environment.
  • Simplified infrastructure, one console. Consolidates data from multiple monitoring systems.
  • Highly scalable. Enables the same features according to the licensing.
  • Low overall ownership cost, professional implementation services.



  • Multi-level enterprise solution with secure multi-organisation access.
  • Implementation relying on agents that can be installed on various platforms.
  • Runs on Windows and Linux, local or remote sessions – Vmware, ICA, SSH, Telnet, VNC RDP
  • Records and plays any Windows and Unix session, including mouse movements, interaction with graphic interfaces, text entries and command line


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