Symantec Encrypting
Do you want to stop or prevent loss of important data? To you look for quick encryption, storage and transparent sharing of mail, data and information stored locally, without affecting user experience? Do you need a confident solution for deleting confidential information?

Symantec Encryption Family – Encryption Solutions

  • Protects data stored localy on desktops, laptops, terminals, mobile storage devices or cloud storage, including for boot sectors or system and swap files.
  • Secures information depending on the manner of handling, storage location, destination. Adaptable for terminals, email, instant messages, files, various and multiple encryption requests.
  • Uses PGP Self-Decrypting Archive, PGP Virtual Disk and PGP Zip for transparent encryption and sharing of data and creation of encrypted containers that are independent from the storage medium for data transport and sharing. Encrypts mail on desktop, gateway, mobile devices.
  • Centralises creation, implementation and management of security policies. Advanced reporting features.
  • Ensures compliance with security standards of data taken over from PGP Technology and implementation of good practice recommendations, by using last-generation algorithms.




  • Symantec Encryption Management for centralised component deployment and management.
  • Encryption Desktop Professional – Drive and Desktop Email encryption features.
  • Encryption Desktop Storage – with encryption features for Drive and File Share,

Central point: the management server.

Licenses purchased separately for the required features:

  • Symantec Desktop Email – encryption, signing, decryption and checking of email messages, automatic and transparent.
  • PGP Viewer – decrypting, checking and displaying email messages outside the frequently used platform.
  • Symantec File Share Encryption – safe sharing of encrypted files.
  • Symantec Drive Encryption – encrypting of an entire drive (including boot information, swap files); full anti-theft protection.
  • PGP Virtual Disk Volumes – encrypted virtual disk (component of the local HDD).
  • PGP Zip – add any combination of files to encrypted archives.
  • PGP Shredder – full, certain destruction of files and folders, with no possibility of specialised recovery.
  • Key Management – management of keys (symmetrical, public or private).

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