VMWare Server Virtualisation

Growing demand for resources? Insufficient hosting for physical servers? Hardware reaching the end of its maximum lifespan? Looking to consolidate the applications used in fewer physical servers? Looking for more flexibility, but smaller operational costs?

vSphere Essential Plus Kit – Virtualisation Bundle

  • Encompasses a range of preconfigured modular solutions, scalable and validated from a technical point of view.
  • Enables migration of servers in production from physical to virtual state, with no interruption of activity.
  • Cluster architecture, with all the hardware resources of the physical servers presented in a shared portfolio.
  • Easy to use management interface. Improves operational flexibility.
  • Ensures maximum use of the available resources. The management module consolidates up to 3 physical servers into one entity.
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs, and energy consumption.
  • Compatible with most hardware and storage manufacturers and with most operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). Optimal integration with all types of mail, file sharing, active directory, document management services. No risks at implementation.




  • Uses standard protocols to communicate with servers and with network equipment.
  • Implies a “Layer 2” virtual network area that integrates with all network equipment manufacturers, with no differences in communication compared to a physical server.

Recommendation for:

  •  SMB business segments that need to increase resources or replace pieces of hardware.

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