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Aligning your company to GDPR involves the following approach:

  • Phase 1, which includes: analysis of the existing situation and mapping of personal tiles and existing processes.
    Basically, after completing this phase, you have all the information in order to be able to continue on its own the implementation of the GDPR accession measures.
  • Phase 2, which includes support for the implementation of the proposed measures in internal processes and documents, the adaptation of documents / procedures / contracts, including support for implementing solutions to ease work after May 25, 2018.

Thus, the assessment of the current situation as well as the understanding of the specifics of the business, of the processed personal data categories and of the main processes will be made by:

  • Analyze public data
  • Discussions with management
  • Completing an assessment questionnaire by those responsible
  • Studying the provided documents (on request)
  • Agreeing results with management

It will then be used to identify the personal data used (both from the subjects and from other sources or products of the company) – on business areas – as well as to identify the means of processing and storing information:

  • Analysis of questionnaire responses,
  • Delivering on-demand information (process documents, contracts, or sample data)
  • For high generalized domains (HR, accounting, video security, GPS …), starting with a standard set of existing data, only the differences are analyzed) – for a minimum effort

The next step will be to identify and map the processing goals (by data types), the length of the processing, the roles involved, and the third parties that have access to the data.

Analysis of risks and gaps is done by identifying gaps and proposing alternatives. For each non-compliance with GDPR requirements, we will analyze:

  • the risk (in terms of impact on the subjects, but also on the business),
  • alternatives will be presented,
  • an estimate of deployment costs will be made

Finally, a proposal for missing procedures / procedures will be made, and for areas not previously addressed, a set of new processes and procedures will be proposed.

**** The proposed processes and procedures will require some further customization, depending on the implementation possibilities, or will contain a set of new requirements that will need to be included in internal documents or contracts with third parties.

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DLP & Mobil Device management – Endpointprotector
Endpointprotector Manage:

  • Data Leakage / Data Loss / Data Theft
  • Uncontrolled use of devices
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Regulatory Non-Compliance
  • Low Productivity

With Endpoint Protector being offered as hardware or virtual appliance, it can be setup in minutes. Moreover, the responsive management interface allows managing policies and checking reports from any device, from desktop to tablet.
Endpoint Protector dramatically reduces the risks posed by internal threats that could lead to data being leaked, stolen, or otherwise compromised. In addition to these, compliance with various rules and regulations is also met.

The blacklist and whitelist-based approach grants exibility in policy building. Organizations have the option to prohibit the use of speci c removable devices and data transfers to le cloud sharing applications and other online services, to scan for certain PIIs, but to allow transfers to speci c URLs and domain names for certain computers/users/groups, avoiding task interruption.

Suitable for any type of network, our products can be used by enterprise customers, small and medium business and even home users. With a client-server architecture, they are easy to deploy and centrally manage from the web-based interface. Besides the Hardware and Virtual Appliance, Amazon Web Services Instance and Cloud version, a Stand-alone version is also available for those looking for basic features.

Endpoint Protector

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Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) – SentinelOne

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) – SentinelOne

  • protects against all major types of cyberattacks
  • unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation.
  • reducing the overall attack surface through whitelisting and blacklisting
  • monitor and render detailed forensics in real time.

It enables you to predict malicious behavior across major threat vectors in real-time, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt your defenses against the most advanced cyber attacks.

Endpoint Protection Platform SentinelOne

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Camouflage Data Masking – Imperva

Camouflage Data Masking Benefits:

  • Use production data safely and freely in non-production environments, such as testing/ QA, application development, training, and outsourcing.
  • Gain visibility into where and what sensitive data is
  • Enable data-driven business processes without exposing sensitive data
  • Deploy an enterprise scalable data masking process
  • Comply with data privacy and protection regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR


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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform – MobileIron
Portfolio Categories:

Web Security – Forcepoint

Forcepoint Web Security

  • Real-Time Analysis for Advanced Threat Protection – Forcepoint Web Security goes beyond anti-virus defenses via eight defense assessment areas, using a composite scoring process with the Forcepoint ACE predictive analysis.
  • Easy Dashboard Access to Forensic Data – The Forcepoint Web Security advanced threat dashboard provides forensic reporting on who was attacked, what data was targeted, the data’s intended endpoint and how the attack was executed.
  • Integrated Data Theft Defenses – Industry-leading integrated data theft defenses (optional) detect and intercept data theft attempts and provide regulatory compliance for data loss prevention (DLP).
  • Integrated Sandboxing –  Learn how to better protect your company’s assets through automatic analyzing of malware behavior with the integrated sandbox service.
  • Cloud Application Discovery, Monitoring and Control – Discover cloud applications being used within your organization and prevent users from jeopardizing your data by sending to unsanctioned cloud applications and services.

Forcepoint Web Security


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Email Security – Forcepoint

Forcepoint Email Security:

  • STOP APT AND OTHER ADVANCED TARGETED THREATS Forcepoint’s Advanced Classi cation Engine (ACE) is at the heart of all Forcepoint solutions
  • SECURE SENSITIVE DATA AGAINST EXTERNAL ATTACKS AND INSIDER THREATS To prepare for a malicious insider threat or the potentially successful cyberattack, it’s vital that outbound communications be monitored.
  • SAFELY ADOPT CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LIKE OFFICE 365 AND BOX ENTERPRISE WHILE SUPPORTING A MOBILE WORKFORCE IT departments are strained to maintain current systems while supporting an increasingly mobile workforce and the demands to adopt new technologies like Office 365.
  • IDENTIFY ”HIGH-RISK” USER BEHAVIOR AND EDUCATE USERS TO IMPROVE AWARENESS The rich data collections in Forcepoint Email Security are used by a number of policies to report and identify systems that may require special IT attention.

Forcepoint Email Security

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Forcepoint

Forcepoint DLP recognizes your people as the front lines of today’s cyber threats.

  • Discover and control data everywhere it lives, whether in the cloud or on the network, via email and at the endpoint.
  • Coach employees to make smart decisions, using messages that guide user actions, educate employees on policy and validate user intent when interacting with critical data.
  •  Securely collaborate with trusted partners using policy-based auto-encryption that protects data as it moves outside your organization.
  • Apply data classification and tagging by integrating with leading third-party data classification solutions (e.g., Microsoft Azure Information Protection, Bolden James, Titus).

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GDPR – Specialized consulting and implementation solutions

Did you know that:

Name, First name


Personal identification code


Email address


Series and number of identity book and passport


Banking biometry data

Political conventions

Data regarding the health status of a person


Be aware and avoid fines up to 20 MILLION EURO or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year whichever is greater and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the processing and free circulation of these data.

Are you ready for GDPR?

Although many companies have already embarked on certain privacy practices and procedures, the GDPR contains a number of new protections for targeted individuals in the EU and threatens to apply significant fines and penalties to data controllers and processors who will not meet the requirements from the moment in which they will come into force.

Maintaining compliance with General Data Protection Regulation  at company level is a complex effort that begins with the identification of sensitive data, location, access and protection of it.

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WHITEPAPER by Osterman Research and Forcepoint:  GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs.

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Explore the results of the survey on organizations’ availability to meet GDPR compliance needs, conducted by CA Technologies and Vanson Bourne.

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