VMWare Server Virtualisation

Growing demand for resources? Insufficient hosting for physical servers? Hardware reaching the end of its maximum lifespan? Looking to consolidate the applications used in fewer physical servers? Looking for more flexibility, but smaller operational costs?

vSphere Essential Plus Kit – Virtualisation Bundle

  • Encompasses a range of preconfigured modular solutions, scalable and validated from a technical point of view.
  • Enables migration of servers in production from physical to virtual state, with no interruption of activity.
  • Cluster architecture, with all the hardware resources of the physical servers presented in a shared portfolio.
  • Easy to use management interface. Improves operational flexibility.
  • Ensures maximum use of the available resources. The management module consolidates up to 3 physical servers into one entity.
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs, and energy consumption.
  • Compatible with most hardware and storage manufacturers and with most operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). Optimal integration with all types of mail, file sharing, active directory, document management services. No risks at implementation.




  • Uses standard protocols to communicate with servers and with network equipment.
  • Implies a “Layer 2” virtual network area that integrates with all network equipment manufacturers, with no differences in communication compared to a physical server.

Recommendation for:

  •  SMB business segments that need to increase resources or replace pieces of hardware.

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VMware Client Virtualisation
Are you looking for flexibility and easier management of hardware resources? Are you looking for stricter control of the software used and licenses? Are you looking for centralised, safe storage of data, in a shared location, on a server with easy back-up that prevents loss of information or documents?

VDI – Scalable Virtualisation Solution

  • Separates users’ working environments (Windows operating systems/Applications/Data) from the physical environments, by running the desktop units as virtual machines on the servers in the datacenter
  • Enables IT managers to manage all desktops in the organisation centrally, significantly reducing the management efforts. Creates a flexible, comfortable working environment.
  • Prevents information leaks and strengthens information security.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Extremely scalable and customizable solution. Sizing is done based on the specifics of the business, the number of users, and the information capacity that each user needs (enables for memory extension, processing power extension, working posts extension).
  • Adaptable for business and industrial production environments, with no restrictions.




  • Preliminary requirements:
    Can be integrated with traditional working environments. Does not require additional configurations.

Solution recommended for:

  • Government agencies.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Office areas.
  • Companies that work intensively with a small number of applications.
  • Call centres.
  • Education institutions.
  • Factories, industrial production environments.


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CA Technologies Application Performance Management

Assess the real level of the services offered and the impact of incidents on the users’ experience. Formulate response actions based on an impartial view on IT and business requirements. Optimise applications and the support infrastructure to support ensuring SLAs.

CA Application Performance Management

  • Can monitor Java and .Net applications up to code level, to detect changes and sources of performance issues.
  • Measures response time between the components involved in the architecture of an application.
  • Quick response to incidents that impact the performance of applications. Sorts the events, identifies the sources of problems and analyses their main causes; measures the impact and priority of performance incidents. Formulates proactive action to ensure a quality experience for the end user.
  • Correlates information on transactions to the support infrastructure and sorts the applications by infrastructure.
  • Enables testing, reporting and accurate warning on the performance of web-based applications.
  • Supplies real-time information on the services provided and the SLA


The solution includes several functional components that comply with the requirements of enterprise applications. The most frequently used components are:

  • Fig.1: Introscope; architecture for a minima CA APM configuration.
  • Fig.2: display elements on the CA APM console.



CA APM is compatible with all key technologies and platforms:

  • Oracle, Sun One, Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic Server, Oracle WebLogic Portal, IBM Websphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM WebSphere Application Server for Distributed Environments, IBM WebSphere MQ Connectors & Messaging System, SAP NetWeaver, BEA Weblogic server, IBM CICS Transaction Gateway, Microsoft SharePoint Portal.


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Management and Monitoring Solutions 

Dell Infrastructure
Simplify IT operations and reduce downtime with a convergent, pretested scalable solution that brings you the server- and the storage, network and administration aspects, all in one single compact case that enables economic, simple, flexible management.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX – Advanced Consolidation

  • Scalable performance at no compromise: better response times; concomitant running of several applications that require high performance or low latency; optimal processing power even at peak times; scalable for the future development of the business.
  • Added value: with an advanced preconfigured business solution that can be improved with software and services relevant for customers and distribution partners in vertical industries.
  • Flexible shared storage: all four server nodes have access to internally shared low latency storage devices – an essential aspect for clusters and virtualisation.
  • Local storage that is economic and easier to manage than SAN environments, inside one compact low-noise tower or rack frame. Requires up to 86% less cables.
  • System management solution harmonised with Chassis Management Controller (CMC) and GeoView. Eliminates inconvenience from different external devices and multiple administration tools.



  • PowerEdge VRTX brings you performance and extended capacity, and it meets both the needs that are specific to servers – processing and virtualisation – and the storage and network infrastructure needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, remote offices and branches of large enterprises.
  • Quick to implement to consolidate and manage enterprise applications within two, three or four virtualised servers, with shared storage and integrated network.
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ArcServe Data Backup
Do you need to secure communication between remote points? Do you look for granular (Active Directory) safe keeping, integrated de-duplication, compression, saving and swift recovery of data for hybrid environments (physical/virtual/cloud)?

Arcserve Backup Unmatched Security

  • Eliminates risks and costs associated with data loss.
  • Main features: infrastructure viewing; granular restoring of the Active Directory; data archiving; backup copying to cloud for storage; integrated file snapshot and backup; synthetic full backup.
  • Centralised control of backup and data restoration activities.
  • Enables advanced tape management and consistent viewing of servers.
  • Has a disaster recovery option based on the preinstalled Windows® environment (winpe).
  • 100% integrated, functional solution, delivered turnkey according to your specific requirements. Native compatibility with existing equipment and applications in the IT environment.
  • Extended scalability. Interfacing of several archiving and backup systems into the same management console.


Enterprise applications on a multi-level architecture (client; database; application) for data management (backup, restore, replication, high availability). Can run both on singular machines and in distributed environments.


CA ARCserve Backup:

  • Support for hybrid virtual-physical-cloud environments.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8, Hyper-V v3.0, Vmware, Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Microsoft Windows Azure, Fujitsu Global Cloud.
  • Support for clouds based on Eucalyptus 3.0, 3.1, Amazon Web Services (S3).

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