IT Implementation Services

Guaranteed efficient, economic IT system. Speeds up visibility of the business on the market

Implementation at Headquarters

Microsoft Solutions Active Directory/Microsoft Exchange


  • Access and security policies defined depending on users or groups of users
  • File sharing is done easily and safely.
  • Global real-time activation or shutdown of options and features without the need for intervention at every user or piece of equipment.
  • Easy to control user installation of applications.
  • Customization of security and access scenarios.

Installation (hardware and software)

Most frequent situations covered:

  • Installation and configuration of new workstations
  • Sizing and designing of network architecture
  • Relocating user infrastructure within the same headquarters
  • Assistance with relocating IT&C infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration of new external devices
  • Identification and sizing of network services
  • Diagnosing of LAN/Internet communication needs
  • Organising IT&C relocation project management